Our 2018 First Coast Dancing with the Stars is off and running! We are excited to introduce our wonderfully exciting line up of Stars and their talented Pros. Stay tuned for their pairs photos as we introduce each pair. Here they are, ready to compete for the Mirror Ball Trophy!

Christian Abrahamson, dancing with Jasmine Montgomery at Monarch Ballroom

Stacy Aubrey, dancing with Jeremy Jose at Monarch Ballroom

Tim Blin, dancing with Megan Wallace Widrich at Dance Alday

Ashli Boselli, dancing with Ashton Sainz at Monarch Ballroom

Carol Faulkner, dancing with Benjamin Clark at Monarch Ballroom

Karen Feagins, dancing with Germine Amadis at Monarch Ballroom

Curtis Ford, dancing with Krista Thomas at Monarch Ballroom

Rachael Tutwiler Fortune, dancing with Michael Schroeder at Monarch Ballroom

Toni Hernandez, dancing with Allan Alday at Dance Alday

Luke Lewis, dancing with Velour Crew at Monarch Ballroom

Terrance Patterson, dancing with Tamara Arapovic at Monarch Ballroom 

Chris Warren, dancing with Johnetta Wise at Monarch Ballroom

You can vote for them by clicking on “Voting”, or purchase tickets to the Gala competition by clicking on “Tickets”.  Wishing all of them luck as they vie for the Mirror Ball!